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A Field Guide to Hype (2nd Edition)

Johannes Klingebiel

This is your daily companion to hype — its uses and misuses. Become a skilled surveyor of the modern hype landscape and a masterful poker of holes into the narratives of technology.

This field guide includes the following topics:

  • What exactly is hype? What are the dangers of it?
  • How does the rhetoric of hype work?
  • Who’s driving hype and why?
  • A number of additional notes, case studies and thoughts touching on these topics

The zine was written and printed in Munich. It ships from Germany.

The 2nd edition contains a new page on the AI Discourse, typographical and spelling corrections and minor clarifications.

For larger orders (5+), please contact me directly since shipping costs may vary: johannes.klingebiel(at)gmail.com

(Please note that for some international orders outside the EU import duties might apply.)

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A 28pg zine about the uses and misuses of hype.

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A Field Guide to Hype (2nd Edition)

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